Close Up Pearl Necklace

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Ultra high vibrational Danburite or Apophyllite crystals surrounded by baroque pearls for cleansing and heart chakra breakthroughs. 

Danburite is a powerful, yet peaceful light pink crystal that links the heart chakra to crown chakra. As a heart to mind crystal, Danburite resonates to the wind element and absorbs positive energy. Perfect for karma cleansing and for those on the path of enlightenment. 

Apophyllite is a little more advanced and highly shamanic. It is a consciousness expander and allows you to tap into layers of multidimensional reality. Clearing of the auric field is a good idea with this crystal as it can take you on a bumpy path if you're not centered and aligned. Green apophyllite in particular has a strong connection with nature and animal spirits. 

Dimensions / 17 inches around



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